Bath Filter (New Formulation)

Bath Filter (New Formulation) Bath Filter (New Formulation) Bath Filter (New Formulation)
Bath Filter (New Formulation) Bath Filter (New Formulation) Bath Filter (New Formulation)
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Bath Filter (New Formulation)

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size: 10.00 W × 10.00 H × 13.00 L
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Chlorine, a poisonous gas that is used for water treatment, can be absorbed through your skin during baths. The warm temperature of bath water opens up your pores, allowing chlorine to penetrate your skin. Because chlorine is an oxidant and is what bleach is made of, it can harm your skin and contribute to dryness and flaking. The steam you inhale in a hot bath also contains chlorine vapor that can be absorbed directly into your blood stream.

The Santevia Bath Filter reduces chlorine up to 100%! No installation required. Simply hang over your bath tub faucet and let the water run over and through the Santevia Bath Filter. Once your tub is filled, swirl the Santevia Bath Filter in the full bath for best results.

Perfect for babies, young children, those with sensitive skin, and anyone who doesn’t want to bathe in chlorinated water. 

Care: Can be used with bath soaps and oils in tub. Rinse filter after use. Hang to dry.

Filtration Life: 3-4 months / 100 baths

The Santevia Bath Filter is not a tub toy. Please do not squeeze filter or use as a body scrubber.

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Very happy with this product
Written by Nancy Nash on 1st Sep 2017

We have only used this bath filter. The water in Moose Jaw Sk is horrible and this filter takes out the chlorine and makes the water less harsh to the body and hair. The plumbing systems are old and it is easily put over the shower knob so water falls on it into tub. PLUS it lasted a good 4 months and we take lots of baths. Highly recommended.

Great water
Written by Peter Shaw on 17th Apr 2017

Best water filter I have ever used!!

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