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Cung Le a former world Sanshou world Champion and a former Strike Force Middleweight world champion now fighting for UFC. Le began wrestling competitively at age 14 after being inspired by Sylvester Stallone´s Rocky and Bruce Lee Enter The Dragon. Movies have played a big part in Cung’s career as he has also been in several movies; Tekken, Pandorum with Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster, and Fighting, released in 2009 alongside Channing Tatum.

“Staying alkaline helps me perform at my absolute best, in the ring and out.”

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Nancy Coles, Ptr, AT, TFL

Nancy has been in the health, fitness & rehabilitation field for over 30 years. As an Athletic Therapist, she’s worked at universities and managed a large employee wellness facility. A trainer of Personal Trainers and a consultant for SportmedBC, she’s developed courses in fitness and rehabilitation and presented internationally at wellness conferences.

“Being alkaline is an important ergogenic aid. Alkaline is POWER.”



expertvoices-design-options-08.pngHolly Feniak

Holly is a Downhill Mountain Bike Racer – 2012 World Junior Champion, she’s also still in high school.  This amazing lady is making incredible strides to becoming a top contender in her field. She is one to watch.

“The downhill course can take it’s toll on me physically, I fight back with alkalinity.”

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