Gravity Water System Mineral Stones
Gravity Water System Mineral Stones
Gravity Water System Mineral Stones
Gravity Water System Mineral Stones
Gravity Water System Mineral Stones
Gravity Water System Mineral Stones
Gravity Water System Mineral Stones
Gravity Water System Mineral Stones
Gravity Water System Mineral Stones
Gravity Water System Mineral Stones

Gravity Water System Mineral Stones

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Mineral Stones are a combination of maifan stones and bio-ceramic energy balls. The mineral stones are the 7th stage in the Santevia Gravity System.

  • They continuously release easily absorbed minerals into the water, including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium
  • When removed from its source of alkalinity, the pH of water will decrease. The mineral stones maintain the alkalinity of your water, while adding trace minerals
  • Mimics the effect of the rocks that line fresh mountain streams for great tasting water
  • Compatible with the Gravity Water System
  • Filter Life: up to 2 years
  • Filter Reminder:
  • Box Dimensions:
    • cm: 12 L x 4 W x 15 H
    • in: 5 L x 2 W x 4 H
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Tania L.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

The water is so tasty!

Shopping online was wonderful, the delivery not so much

Notified by UPS for the delivery before end of day Fri. so stayed home all day not to miss delivery to find out it was délayed because of sorting error for delivery. No news on Sat. & Sun. Mon. & Tue. always referring me for next day for delivery and no response in spite of registered for be surprised at 6PM on Tue. with the unannounced delivery. Not pleasant service from UPS which is the second time for the same reason when I order Santevia online.You may not want to publish this, but I am glad to finally have the opportunity to express this repeated incidence from UPS.

Cary C.
Company charges a sneaky fee since they are in Canada

I wish the company had the products I could buy here. That way I wouldn't be charge a fee since it's coming from Canada to the US. They charge me an extra fee. Which is only a couple of dollars and that is not bad. The product is $54 that I don't have to spend only because I was out of work and made that choice. I made the choice to leave the job I had. I was working in retail and had been working in lots of retail while having an injury in my knee. So I left, and now I am walking by faith in Jesus. I am helping my great aunt and I check my bank account and viola there is a separate charge because they shipped from overseas. If my funds weren't so tight, it wouldn't matter. I wish it would of come up so I could see instead they take out the fee. This isn't the first time. Last time I spent the money to get free shipping and was still charged the overseas fee. Other than this after getting the cleaning stone I saw that I was behind my cleaning and changing out the filters. So I changed everything out and now I am good to go again.


Hi Cary, we are sorry to hear that you were charged an additional post-purchase fee. We would like to reassure you that Santevia itself did not charge you this fee. There is an uncommon fee that some US banks charge for processing foreign purchases even if the transaction was in US dollars. We would recommend checking with your bank about foreign transaction fees and asking them what credit cards do not have these charges. Most modern cards will exclude these fees. We have also emailed you and are looking forward to hearing from you!


Amazing product, absolutely with the purchase. I drink reverse osmosis water and have been noticing a dramatic decline in my energy levels and overall feeling of well-being. The RO water I drink is from those refill stations around town for the big blue 5 gallon jugs and after a year of drinking the water, I haven't been able to figure out why my energy was so low until I recently read about the long term effects of RO water on the body. So I started using mineral stones in my water jugs and have since found myself feeling much more energized and my body doesn't feel fatigued like it did before. Will continue using them for sure.

United States

Previously bought the water filter these stones help with great tasting water.