Countertop with Fluoride Filter Countertop with Fluoride Filter
Countertop with Fluoride Filter Countertop with Fluoride Filter

Countertop with Fluoride Filter

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size: 33.00 W × 25.00 H × 33.00 L
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Now with Fluoride Filtration!

The Santevia Alkaline Gravity Water System restores your tap water to a clean, great-tasting, mineralized and alkalized state, using the power of gravity alone – no chemicals, artificial materials, water pressure or electricity!


Safe Fluoride Filtration

Activated alumina is used in most fluoride filtration systems. Due to this, some fluoride filters can leave high levels of aluminum in your filtered water. The Santevia Fluoride Filter gets rid of fluoride without leaving residual aluminum as well as other contaminants while mineralizing and balancing water pH.



Microplastics Filtration


94% of tap water in the USA contains microplasitcs (according to study by Orb Media). The smallest microplastics found in tap water were approximately 2.5 microns. The Countertop System uses a 0.3 micron filtration media that will eliminate microplastics in your tap water.



The result: great tasting, safe, clean water with added minerals like calcium and magnesium as recommended by the World Health Organization.


Stage 1: Ceramic Pre-Filter 

0.3 micron pore size. Filters rust, sediments, bacteria, parasites. 


Stage 2: NSF Certified Activated Alumina (Fluoride Reduction) 

Reduces Fluoride up to 98%. 


Stage 3: NSF Certified Granular Activated Coconut Carbon 

Reduces chlorine, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, tri-halomethanes, heavy metals, organic chemicals, particulates, odours and tastes. 


Stage 4: Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) 

Reduces chlorine, inhibits growth of bacteria and mold, and neutralizes heavy metals. 


Stage 5: pH Mineral Balls 

Increases pH, adds calcium, magnesium, and other beneficial trace minerals. 


Stage 6: Mineral Stone Infusion 

Porous Maifan stones help oxygenate the water, add dissolved minerals and restore alkalinity. 


Stage 7: Natural Silica Sand 

Acts as a second filter and polishes the water, initiating optimal pH balance. 


Stage 8: Mineral Stones 

Energy Balls: Assist in stabilizing pH and break down large clusters of water molecules for better absorption. 

Maifan Stones: Add calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and other trace minerals. Help maintain pH balance after filtering. 


Stage 9: Magnetic Energizer 

Aligned magnets activate, realign, and energize water molecules for greater absorption.


Model Options: Stand-alone Countertop Model or Dispenser Mounted (does not come with dispenser) 


No fluoride in your tap water? If you do not require fluoride filtration, the Gravity Countertop System is also compatible with the 5-Stage Filter. Go here to learn more.



Lower Tank: 10 litres/2.6 gallons

Upper Tank: 5 litres/1.3 gallons 


Filter Life:

Ceramic pre-filter: 1 year

Fluoride Filter: Up to 4 months

Mineral Stones: Up to 2 years


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Height: 23.5” (59.7 cm)

Diameter: 12.5” (32cm)

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Loving my countertop model
Written by Annabel McDougall on 25th May 2017

I took the countertop model to Mexico to use in my house to alkalise and remineralise the the large garrafons of 'purified' water that everyone has to use. Those water botles sit out in the sun for hours and are basically very acidic (yellow on the PH colour chart) which made me not to want to drink the water when i learned about alkalinity and tap water is not drinkable there. The Santevia counter top model fitted my needs perfectly. I use the 'pure' garrafons of water to fill the Santevia and when tested, the PH as advertised comes out at about 9-9.5. Dark blue (vs previous yellow). I don't even like the blah taste of water, but it is so much tastier and my friends that love water comment on its improved taste as minerals have been put back in. This alone assures me its healthier than completely 'purified water' also. So far, i'm very happy with this economical system and it was easy to put together.

Amazing Water
Written by Aswani Datt on 5th Oct 2016

The water tastes amazing. The ph level which I checked matches the description. I recommend this to all my friends and family.

Countertop Model
Written by Fiona on 17th Aug 2016

I love my countertop model and I have received excellent customer service from this company. I had a problem (The first one EVER in 5 years) with a stage five filter, and the kind people at Santeria replaced it free of charge. I stand by this product 100% and have recommended it to all my friends and family who enjoy the water at our home when they visit.

love my countertop system
Written by undefined on 11th Aug 2016

love my countertop system

Gravity water system, Countertop model
Written by Leo Rybchinski on 12th Apr 2016

I am very pleased with this water system, the water tastes so much better, I'm drinking more water now. So glad that I'm getting the minerals my body needs. I think every home should have one, I know what my children are getting for Christmas. ☺️

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