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A Natural Solution for Acid Reflux and GERD

Acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) can cause painful heartburn. If you’ve experienced acid reflux you know how uncomfortable it can be.

Rather than use prescription medication, manage your symptoms naturally with our GERD Plan. Designed with your health in mind, our easy-to-follow plan guarantees results.

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We’ve Been Where You Are

Santevia co-founder, David Anderson, struggled with acid reflux. His battle progressed to a lifelong prescription of GERD medication.

Wary of the long-term side effects of medication, David’s wife and Santevia co-founder Yvonne wanted a natural solution. Her research revealed that mineralized alkaline water is a key part of a natural treatment plan for GERD. David and Yvonne built Santevia to provide mineralized alkaline water to manage the painful symptoms of GERD.

Managing GERD doesn’t have to be hard. David followed our GERD Plan and hasn’t suffered from acid reflux symptoms in over a decade.

Why is Acid Reflux so Common?

The standard American diet is ripe with acid-forming foods (think sugar, red meats, dairy, coffee and grain) that contribute to acid reflux. Although tasty, during digestion these foods trigger acid reflux. Eating and drinking alkaline foods (think fruits, vegetables and mineralized alkaline water) can help balance this excess acidity and ultimately, prevent painful acid reflux.

Our GERD Plan can help you treat acid reflux naturally by making some simple changes to your daily health habits.

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Why Santevia Water Works

It’s fairly simple: foods are acidic or alkaline. Eating too many acidic foods can cause your body to develop the painful symptoms of GERD. Santevia water is alkaline (with a pH around 9.0 and a high alkalinity). Alkaline water helps counterbalance acidity in your body helping to reduce and prevent your acid reflux symptoms.

While choosing the right water is a key part of treating GERD, it’s also essential to have a balanced lifestyle at the same time. Prioritizing your health doesn’t have to be difficult - check out our GERD Plan to get started.

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