POWER Pair Tritan (Multiple colours)

POWER Pair Tritan (Multiple colours)

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The Santevia POWER Pair Tritan is the premium choice in clean, healthy water on the go!

Made in Canada, the Santevia Power Water Stick reduces chlorine, mineralizes, and alkalizes your water, making it taste great! 

BPA-free and eco-friendly, the Santevia Tritan Bottle pairs perfectly with the Power Stick for the gym, hiking, or on the go!


The portable water filter for your everyday adventures!


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PH value
Written by Leanne Schatz on 14th Oct 2017

This product does not alkalize water. I used ph strips to check and the value did not change using the filter. Santevia's response: Hello Leanne, For the testing of water pH we recommend a liquid pH testing solution or an electronic instrument and not pH litmus paper, which we advise on the outside of our Pitcher/Countertop boxes as well as in the product manuals and of course on Santevia.com. The reason we do not advise customers to check the pH of our water with litmus paper test strips is based on the formulation of the test strips. pH test strips are typically used for mixed liquids such as blood, urine, or saliva but are not very accurate when measuring the pH of plain water. Especially if the litmus paper is not formulated to check for mineral content (Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, etc.) which is what makes the Santevia water alkaline, you will get a "neutral" or non-result. Any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us. -Andre D.

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