Replacement Water Tap - Gravity Water System Replacement Water Tap - Gravity Water System
Replacement Water Tap - Gravity Water System Replacement Water Tap - Gravity Water System

Replacement Water Tap - Gravity Water System

size: 33.02 W × 25.40 H × 5.08 L
Shipping Cost: Calculated at Checkout
CAD $ 9.99

The replacement Tap is attached to the lower tank of the Countertop model.


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Replacement possible
Written by undefined on 29th Aug 2017

It is good to not have to replace the whole system just the tap.I miss my old one that had a pushbar because I could use it one handed. The new one takes two hands.

Fully Satisfied
Written by Michelle Solway on 16th Aug 2017

The Replacement Water Tap arrived sooner than expected which was good because the old water tap was beginning to leak constantly. The Replacement Water Tap was easy to install and works wonderfully. I love the blue color and I really like that it stays open in either direction - up or down. It's construction seems more solid than the original. The flow of water stops immediantly in the closed position unlike the original which allowed at least one drop of water to fall after the tap was closed. What I like most is that it somehow fits higher so I can use taller glasses under the tap and the water flows faster. Love it!!

Much Better Water Spout
Written by Mike on 5th Jul 2017

the original spout on my Santevia system broke...the new one delivers the water much faster.

Written by undefined on 19th Jun 2017

Much faster than the old one.

Slow at first but well worth the wait
Written by Jeff on 2nd May 2017

First off best customer service at Santevia. Second, the system takes a long time to filter at first. You need to run the system through 2 full tanks when you get it so expect not to drink the first day. The filter gets faster as its used. After the first day its fairly easy to keep ahead of the supply and that's from a household of 2 adults where we only drink water. I feel like a family of four would be fine as well. Mine didn't come with a faucet but Santevia sent it over after the quickest phone call. Thanks again!

Replacement Water tap
Written by undefined on 6th Feb 2017

I'm so glad you improved your water tap system. We had been using the old one with the pin and the pin would often come out and also the water dispensed way too slow. This one works so much better!

Works great!
Written by Semir on 11th Jan 2017

I was impressed with the courteous and speedy service I found with the Santevia representatives.

What an improvement...
Written by Tracey Horrocks on 23rd Nov 2016

I love this company! The product is excellent and the service is first rate. I have had my countertop water filter for over 7 years and have replaced two parts in that time. The new tap is so much better than my original. Thank you and keep up the excellence. It is appreciated!

Better than the old tap
Written by undefined on 7th Nov 2016

Finally purchased it and now have installed it. 1st day of use and it is so much better than the old one. Easier to lift and water runs more quickly into the containers/cups, etc.

Great product
Written by undefined on 25th Aug 2016

The new tap replacement is great, we love it. Ron

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