Our commitment: 100 days of clean drinking water for every Santevia MINA Pitcher sold 

Santevia Water Systems and Acts for Water have formed an exciting partnership to fight water poverty.

Santevia Water Systems has launched a new program that will give 100 days of clean drinking water to people in water poverty for every Santevia MINA Pitcher sold.

We at Santevia believe that access to clean, healthy drinking water is a right that is sadly not available to all, but in our partnership with Acts for Water, we are on a mission to change that. This is our promise. Join us in our mission.




Starting October 1, 2019 Santevia will offer the “buy one MINA Pitcher, give 100 days of clean drinking water” program. Our intention is to expand the program with other healthy Santevia water products in the future and we have no intention of ending the program until water poverty is eradicated. 

Our agreement with Acts for Water is that 100% of our gift will go to water projects in third world countries. The current projects under construction are in Uganda. Check out how we are impacting people in water poverty at Acts for Water. 




Thailand Orphanages - House of Hope, House of Faith and Transition House 


Giving Back is a core value at Santevia Water Systems and a key reason owners Yvonne and David Anderson started Santevia. While at a conference in Thailand, Yvonne and David visited an orphanage and fell in love with the kids. We discovered that this Thai orphanage desperately needed funding and that birthed the idea of Santevia Gives Back, our philanthropy program.  As Santevia grows, so does our Giving and that makes our heart sing!  Giving is part of who we are at Santevia.



Learn more about some of the people we help support:



Santevia Gives Back provides displaced Thai and Myanmar children with a safe place to live, food, clean water, education and vocational training for older teens as they transition into the workplace.  Santevia founders Yvonne and David Anderson visit the orphanages annually to meet the children and the dedicated people who care for them. Our goal is to help the orphanages become self-sustaining through agriculture and micro businesses and the children to become contributing adults in Thai society. 


Roslin Orphanage in Indonesia


With the goal of helping communities to be self-sustaining, Santevia donated a rototiller plow to the Roslin Orphanage in West Timor. This small tool had a big impact and helped the Orphanage not only become self sufficient, but also contribute to the local village by supplying much needed food, farmed at the orphanage.  


Amarok Society Women’s School 


Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world. Widows and orphans often end up in the slums and many lose hope.  Schooling was not available in the slums until a Canadian team from Amorak Society changed this. They created schools for women and children and changed peoples lives.  The Santevia Women’s School opened in February 2013 and within just a few months, mothers learned to read, write, do math, and learn about hygiene and basic living skills. The women, many of whom are single moms, spend two hours every day learning and then they each educate five children so they can continue to grow the education of the families living in this slum.  The schools have become a central part of the slums and have lifted many of the women out of poverty.


End Polio NOW!


Santevia Gives Back joined with The Rotary Foundation to fund the End Polio NOW campaign, which strives to end Polio world wide by 2020.  The Santevia Gives Back funds were matched by the Government of Canada and these funds were multiplied by two by the Gates Foundation.  We can do powerful things when we work together!


Tekera, Uganda


Santevia Gives Back was impressed with the Tekera Resource Center’s vision of self sustainability.  This fit into our vision of “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for life”.  Santevia is proud to partner with Tekera to help this Ugandan village reach self sufficiency.  We are also learning how they have achieved this great success, so quickly, so we can transfer this knowledge to other projects. 



Water Projects




The town of Kibaale is located in a notoriously dry region of Uganda. Famine is not uncommon during the dry seasons, which last much longer than in other areas of Uganda. As a result, capturing rainwater as it falls is critical. The collection and storage of fresh water for the students and their families is the lifeline of the community. Before Santevia’s funding, they were using three types of collectors: Jerry Cans, 40-liter drums, and 2,000-liter containers. All three worked well, but they needed something of a larger scale.

Santevia donated a 24,000-liter tank to complete Kibaale Community Center’s water storage capabilities, providing clean drinking water for the community for up to 15 years. This project allows girls in the community to attend school instead of transporting water.


Dominican Republic & Haiti


El Brison and Las Batatas Arriba in the Dominican Republic have neither running water nor electricity. Vehicle access to these communities can be difficult or impossible depending on the weather conditions. As a result, these communities have been largely neglected and remain completely without infrastructure, apart from a one-room elementary school.

The funding supplied through the Santevia Gives Back Program provides drinking water to 49 homes serving 205 people plus any population expansions. Cement tanks provide 25 gallons per person each day, with a Community Water Board governing the water system.

During the project, several members of the community were trained to build the water tanks and will travel to Haiti to build at least eight new tanks for communities in need over the coming year.