Santevia Water pH Test Kit Santevia Water pH Test Kit
Santevia Water pH Test Kit Santevia Water pH Test Kit

Santevia Water pH Test Kit

size: 4.60 W × 7.50 H × 2.40 L
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Santevia's pH testing kit brings you everything you need to monitor the effectiveness of your filter and to measure the acidity of your tap water or of bottled water.

Knowing if your water is acidic or not is very important - small steps on the scale mean big changes in acidity, and big effects on your body. Did you know that plastic bottled water might be as bad for you as tap water because it is acidic and often tainted with plastic? Or that tap water is often made slightly basic with chemicals to prevent it from corroding pipes? 

Santevia's pH testing kit is designed with your convenience in mind, enabling you to monitor water pH quickly and easily. 

Included in the recyclable paper card box is 1 water pH testing solution and 1 clear vial. It is easy to use with instructions and a pH scale printed on the box itself. Simply match the colour of the water with the scale to get its pH value.

Our new Santevia Water pH test kit: 

- is eco-friendly due to recyclable paper and plastic components
- is easy to use
- provides more accurate readings compared to our own bottle 

Life Expectancy: 1 year if unopened, 6 months if opened
Capacity: 0.5 oz (15 mL) of water. Approximately 60 tests possible per pack. 
Dimensions: 1.75" x 1" x 3" (4.6 cm x 2.5 cm x 7.5cm)

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Test kit
Written by undefined on 29th Jun 2017

The test kit is a very good idea, because I like to periodically make sure that my filter is still good. As litmus paper does not really work, this is an easy way to test pH level.

Just to see if it really works
Written by Sylvie Azzuolo on 20th Feb 2017

I have been drinking Santevia water for about a year. I loved it but was never sure if the water really was at a PH level as advertised. So this little addition was nice to have. My only complaint is that I think there should have been a little vile for the water. I don't know if there should how been but there wasn't sure.

Written by Jonathan R on 29th Sep 2016

Simple and easy to use. You will know right away the PH quality of your water!

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