Shower Filter Shower Filter
Shower Filter Shower Filter

Shower Filter

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The Shower Filter reduces contaminants and heavy metals from your shower water. Protect your skin and feel invigorated after showering in purified, fresh water.


1. Reduces chlorine by up to 99%.

2. Chlorine reduction helps prevent dry and itchy skin.

3. Filters heavy metals.

4. Softens water and helps nourish skin by adding calcium sulfite, a natural moisturizer.


Filter Life: 4-6 months (36,000 L)



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No More Yellow Hair
Written by Barb on 11th Jun 2017

Thank godness for the Santevia Shower Filter. I don't know exactly what is in our local municipal water,I do know that it turns my white hair yellow, but not any more !!! This is due to my using your shower filter and I also use the water jug filters.

Santevia, I love you and my dog really loves you
Written by Maureen LaVallie on 9th May 2017

My little Yorkie suffered with rashes that turned into lesions over 1.5 years and I couldn't bath her without it breaking out all over again. One day I had a light bulb moment and realized the difference between here and where we lived before was well water there and chlorinated city water here.I was boiling the water for her to drink and more to bath her. The sores seemed to start drying up right a way. Ken from Biologic Vet told me of the systems you had available so I ordered both the drink pitcher and a shower filter. I now have a happy playful dog and I am so happy she is well. Thank you SANTEVIA.

Showering feels so much better
Written by undefined on 7th Nov 2016

We've been using the Santevia Water filter for a year now and it feels much better than straight from the tap. Wish there was something like this so the tub/bath water would also be as nice.

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