The Santevia MINA Alkaline Pitcher Value Pack comes in a pack of 3 filters
The Santevia MINA Alkaline Pitcher Single
The Santevia MINA Alkaline Pitcher filter cutaway showing the granulated activated carbon and minerals within the filter
The MINA Alkaline Pitcher makes tap water taste delicious
The Santevia MINA Alkaline Pitcher filters will last for 2 months
MINA Alkaline Pitcher Filters
The Santevia MINA Alkaline Pitcher Filters come in a 6 pack value pack

MINA Alkaline Pitcher Filters

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Same Filter, New Look!

  • Made in Canada
  • Recyclable filter
  • 6-Pack lasts 1 year

New Filter Formula: Powered by a newly formulated filter with 99% lead reduction alongside increased filtration for:

  • Cadmium (98.2%)
  • Copper (98.0%)
  • Manganese (96.1%)
  • Chloramine (98.2%)
  • Mercury (99.0%)

The MINA Filter brings your family the clean, mineralized alkaline water you love, in an easily recyclable format.

  • Makes water alkaline which helps your body maintain optimal pH
  • Adds healthy minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium and other trace minerals
  • Reduces chlorine by up to 99%
  • Produces a taste that makes you want to drink more water
  • Easily recyclable
  • Compatible with the MINA Pitcher

● Filter Life: 2 months
● Filter Reminder: available through Filter Ease
● Material: BPA- and BPS-free plastic


The MINA Filter uses granulated activated carbon (GAC) to reduce chemicals like chlorine and mercury, as well as ion-exchange resin to filter heavy metals like lead and cadmium.


Ordinary filters strip away essential minerals that your body needs to thrive. Santevia infuses healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium into water to support your optimal body balance and make your water taste great.