Santevia Gives Back


Days of Water Given to Date

We're giving 100,000 years of clean drinking water by the year 2030.

It’s Part of Who We Are

Giving aligns with our core values and we work hard to live our core values. Since day one, we have chosen to donate a portion of sales to helping those in need. We do this because we fundamentally believe that every organization should build giving into their business model. The world would be a better place if we all did our part.

The Fight Against Water Poverty

Access to clean drinking water is a right that is sadly not available to everyone. In Uganda, women and children walk for hours each day to fetch unclean water. This dirty water often carries water-borne illnesses, which results in high mortality rates. Every $125 we donate provides a lifetime of clean, safe water to one child in Uganda.

We’re Doing Our Part

Through our local charity partner, ACTS for Water, we give 100 days of clean drinking water for every MINA Pitcher and Gravity Water System sold. Our agreement with ACTS ensures that 100% of donations go directly to clean water infrastructure. Once a year, we make an additional donation at their gala to cover any additional overhead. This ensures we can proudly stand by our “100 days” promise.

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